BEVERLY HILLBILLIES star MAX BAER JR has hit back at the producers of Russell Crowe's boxing drama Cinderella Man, because it paints his father as a villain he never was.

Actor Craig Bierko plays Bauer's dad, German boxing champ MAX BAER, in the biopic about Depression Era boxer JIM BRADDOCK, and Baer Jr insists the portrayal is far from accurate.

The actor, who played dim-witted JETHRO in the beloved TV series, admits he was shocked to see his father portrayed as a monster in the film and insists director RON HOWARD should have approached him to make sure the character was authentic.

He tells US tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER, "My father was a good guy, a family man. He worked on the docks.

"Ron could have made my dad a playboy - that part was true - but instead he turned him into an ugly ogre and a totally evil man.

"He had my dad make vile comments in the boxing ring about Braddock's wife. The film shows my dad telling Braddock, 'I'm going to kill you and then have sex with your wife.' That is an outright lie.

"Ron (Howard) totally destroyed the reputation of my father so Russell Crowe's character, Jimmy Braddock, could be the hero."

17/06/2005 02:47