Actor Russell Crowe's impending fatherhood has caused chaos for producers of his latest movie Cinderella Man.

The boxing drama, directed by Ron Howard and also starring RENEE ZELLWEGER, was scheduled to begin shooting in January (04) but will now get underway on 1 March (04).

Crowe's wife, Danielle Spencer, is expecting the couple's first child in January (04) - and the actor has insisted he won't be working when his belle gives birth.

And the schedule change may be the first sign of things to come - Australian-raised Crowe admits he'll happily stay away from movie sets to look after the baby.

He says, "There will be plenty of time for the reality of vomit and nappies, but right now, I'm just thinking how lucky we are to be blessed with being pregnant so early. We had hardly begun trying.

"It will be hard to find reasons to work once the baby is here. I've told Danielle, 'Write your next album now, so you can tour after you've given birth, and I'll stay home.'

"My agent in America is nervous about that, I think."

20/08/2003 21:10