Russell Crowe's two-year-old son had a very healthy first Hallowe'en on the set of his dad's new movie 3:10 TO YUMA because all his treats were pre-arranged. Little Charlie Crowe spent Hallowe'en dressed as a pumpkin but his health-conscious mum, Danielle Spencer, didn't want the lad to pick up candy, sweets and chocolate. Crowe explains, "We trick or treated seven different doors but... the treats were pre-arranged. Charlie got magic radishes, he got carrot sticks, he got rice crackers. "These are all the things that he loves and he was able to take all these treats home and eat them. With the addition of a little bit of chicken they made up a really nice dinner." But it wasn't all healthy - little Charlie did get to sample a little chocolate. The actor adds, "The very last he got was one section of Toblerone. You've never seen the definition of paroxysm of joy and delight as clearly defined as it was in that moment that he was eating that Toblerone."