GLADIATOR star Russell Crowe wanted to give new bride Danielle Spencer a night to remember on their wedding day (7APR03) - so they abstained from sex for months before the big day.

The 39-year old OSCAR winner was worried that he may not be able to live up to his sex symbol reputation after the lavish bash, so imposed a sex ban to ensure he would give his best performance.

He says, "We spent a lot of time apart - as in not sharing the same bed. I was determined there would be a lot of pent up energy on the big night.

"I didn't want to be like my mates and say, 'I couldn't get it up as I was so p****d'

"I think that is horrible as you go to all the effort to get married and I think you should consummate it on the night."

24/09/2003 02:32