Hollywood hunk Russell Crowe puts his enduring relationship with his now wife Danielle Spencer down to their "magical" bond.

The Antipodean pair began dating in 1991, but split up when Crowe left Australia to pursue work in Hollywood - although the pair remained in close contact, with Crowe hoping his singer and actress love would still be there for him when his career was better established.

Now the pair are husband and wife and expecting their first child in January (04) - and Crowe is delighted at how things have turned out.

He says, "We tried to keep the relationship going, but never at any time did we have a break-up. It was profoundly sad, but at the same time I wasn't going to say to her, 'You must wait for me.'

"Yet there probably weren't more than a few weeks, in the 14 years from the time I met her, when we didn't communicate. There's a certain magical thing about me and her together."

Crowe reveals it was his Best Actor OSCAR win for Gladiator in 2001 which prompted the pair's reconciliation.

He says, "I invited her to be my date for the Academy Awards, and when they announced that I had won I turned to her, and I leant down and said, 'This is because you're here.' And I gave her a kiss.

"It was just after that that we started seeing each other again as boyfriend and girlfriend."

18/11/2003 21:10