Movie star Russell Crowe has turned part of his Coff's Harbor farm in Australia into a small park for his infant son CHARLIE.

The toddler has yet to try out his new play area, however, because the actor's wife DANIELLE is nervous about him playing alone in the bush.

Crowe says, "Charlie hasn't spent much time at the farm yet, which is a bone of contention. But I do understand Danny's attitude - the bush can be dangerous."

But the actor is very proud of his outdoor play pen: "We've cleared some stuff, just some bracken and low growth, and put some new grass in. I put a fence around it, so we can plop him in there and he can go crazy.

"It's just a big play area. I look at it and I think, 'Man, if I was a kid, I'd be building forts in there.'"

19/04/2005 21:53