Hollywood hardman Russell Crowe is set to concentrate on his music career once he finishes filming boxing movie THE CINDERELLA MAN.

The New Zealand-born actor and his 30 ODD FOOT OF GRUNTS bandmates DAVE WILKINS, Billy Dean Cochran, Garth Adam, David Kelly and STEWART KIRWIN are relaunching their 2003 album OTHER WAYS OF SPEAKING in 34 countries from 2 August (04).

After marrying long-term love Danielle Spencer, becoming a father to baby CHARLES last year (03), and garnering a host of awards for his acting, Crowe has one more ambition to fulfil - becoming a world famous rock star.

A friend says, "He has everything he ever wanted - apart from his dream of being a rock star. So he feels it's now or never."

29/06/2004 09:10