Oscar-winner Russell Crowe is still reeling from the death of close friend CROCODILE HUNTER STEVE IRWIN and is devastated that they won't be able to do all the things they planned. Irwin died on 4 September (06), when he was struck in the heart by a stingray barb while filming on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Crowe explains, "It's something that was not on my list of expectations in life - that I'd be saying goodbye to somebody who was pretty much my same age. "Somebody I had so many plans with for things that we would do in the future, in particular with our kids. Ours sons are only a month apart." Crowe fought back tears at Irwin's memorial service last week (ends24SEPT06), where he said, "I think this memorial should be a joyful one, not a mournful one. "We have to all keep in mind who we're here to celebrate." There were reports that Crowe would star in a film as Irwin, which he firmly denied, saying he was appalled by the rumours.