Hellraising actor Russell Crowe has a hygiene problem - according to acid-tongued Joan Rivers.

The American comedienne and chat show host has been repeatedly disgusted by the actor's stink during encounters with the OSCAR-winning star.

She says, "He has a body odour problem. I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes."

A few of the GLADIATOR star's other co-stars have also admitted that he got up their noses.

One remarks, "There have been a few embarrassing moments in love scenes and close-ups."

But a close pal of Crowe defended the talented actor, explaining, "Russell is just an ordinary bloke and he certainly doesn't have a hygiene problem. If you stand really close to him you may catch the occasional whiff of alcohol and curry after a night on the town.

"But you show me a normal, down-to-earth bloke who isn't like that the morning after he's had a few beers and some good grub."

01/02/2004 14:32