LATEST: Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe has rejected directorial responsibility for troubled movie EUCALYPTUS, and is now looking to hire one of Australia's top directors to salvage the project.

Studio FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES postponed the $15 million (GBP7.9 million) film earlier this month (FEB05) following the acrimonious departure of director-writer Jocelyn Moorhouse.

Following rumours last week (11FEB05) that the GLADIATOR star was to become director himself, Crowe has now indicated he wants either DRIVING MISS DAISY director Bruce Beresford or Last Orders creator Fred Schepisi to take over.

Crowe was set to appear alongside fellow Australian Nicole Kidman in the big screen adaptation of MURRAY BAIL's novel.

It has been reported that OSCAR-winning Kidman is considering pulling out of the movie.

Movie experts predict filming won't start until later in the year (05).

20/02/2005 10:47