Hollywood hardman Russell Crowe has been attempting to persuade director Michael Corrente to cast him in his latest movie, by bringing in his own ideas. Rather than beg Corrente for the part of notorious Providence, Long Island, mayor BUDDY CIANCI in the big screen adaptation of MIKE STANTON's book THE PRINCE OF PROVIDENCE, Crowe gave him advice on how the film should be made. Corrente received a phone call from Crowe's movie-maker pal Peter Farrelly, who asked if he could give Crowe his number. Corrente has met Crowe in New York City and at the actor's Sydney, Australia home. The director says, "(We're in) constant contact. "Russell has a lot of ideas. When you're dealing with a star of this magnitude, he brings in a lot of his own ideas. "He's got the physical characteristics to play Buddy and is known for morphing into the people he plays. He gets why Buddy is so exciting."