Hollywood star Russell Crowe mocked his infamous phone-throwing incident earlier this year (JUN05) onstage at the Australian Film Industry Awards (AFIAs) on Saturday (26NOV05).

Crowe managed to escape serious criminal charges with a conditional discharge in a Manhattan court earlier this month (18NOV05) after pleading guilty to the third-degree assault of Mercer Hotel employee NESTOR ESTRADA with a telephone handset.

As host of the annual AFIAs in Melbourne, Crowe warned talkative award winners they faced a phone-bashing if they spoke for too long at the televised ceremony.

After walking on stage clutching an old-fashioned Bakelite telephone, Crowe said, "If there are any problems and you do get up here and go on too long.

"Then 'hello' to my little friend," before pointing to the phone.

As well as hosting the event, Crowe picked up the International Award For Best Actor for his performance in Cinderella Man.