Hollywood hardman Russell Crowe insists his friend Nicole Kidman is smitten with country singer Keith Urban.

The Moulin Rouge! actress and New Zealand-born Urban reportedly got engaged over the US Thanksgiving weekend (24-27NOV05) in Nashville, Tennessee, where they celebrated the holiday with both their parents.

He says, "I've spoken to Nicole a couple of times recently and it was clear she's enjoying great happiness right now.

"Hanging out with Keith is giving her a lot of joy and I'm happy for her."

But Crowe is concerned the media frenzy surrounding the 38-year-olds' relationship could bring it to a premature end - something he experienced with his Proof of Life co-star Meg Ryan in 2000.

He adds, "A relationship under that microscope doesn't get the chance to evolve.

"It happened to me some years back. My summer was ruined as we were never left alone."