Hollywood heavyweight Russell Crowe reportedly bit his bodyguard during a bizarre bust-up whilst filming boxing biopic Cinderella Man in Canada.

After filming ended for the week on the Toronto set, Crowe and the crew went for a drinking session, where bodyguard MARK 'SPUD' CARROLL suggested the Gladiator heart-throb return home to his wife Danielle Spencer and baby son CHARLES.

A friend of the star tells Britain's SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper, "The boys were just having a few beers with the usual raucous banter, but something must have annoyed Russell.

"He and Spud are so close, almost like brothers. And like some siblings, they ended up having a huge row. Russell's a great guy but he didn't take too kindly to being told that it was time to go home. He just flipped.

"There was a scuffle then Russell bit Spud. It was incredible."

The 40-year-old's vicious attack mirrors Mike Tyson's infamous ear biting assault on Evander Holyfield when the rivals were contesting the World Heavyweight Championship in 1997.

22/08/2004 21:21