Russell Crowe has forgiven fellow Antipodean actor Hugo Weaving after the star blamed Crowe for the recent collapse of their movie project EUCALYPTUS.

The film, set to star Crowe, Weaving and Nicole Kidman was cancelled indefinitely last month (FEB05) due to script problems.

OSCAR-winner Crowe admits he wasn't happy with a full-frontal nude scene in the screenplay.

THE MATRIX star Weaving expressed his fury over the collapse of the movie in the Australian press, saying, "The script was an absolute gem. No one else had major problems with it. It was an avoidable tragedy so it's very sad for everybody."

In response, Crowe says, "I don't have a problem with Hugo venting.

"I agree with most of what he said. I fell in love with a magical and mysterious script by Michelle Joyner and (director) Jocelyn Moorhouse 14-months ago."

09/03/2005 10:32