Actor Russell Crowe was left exasperated on the set of new western 3:10 TO YUMA when director James Mangold tried to direct a herd of cattle, only for the cows to stampede in the wrong direction. Crowe, who owns a cattle farm in Australia, watched as Mangold ignored his advice and the animals headed off into the wilderness not to return for two hours. He says, "Working with the horses and the cattle weren't his (Mangold's) favourite moments. He had a cracker of a time at one point where Jim thought he was going to be able to stampede cattle and they would take a left turn just because that's how he marked the path. "I was trying to catch him. I said, 'Jimmy, mate it don't work that way. You stampede those cattle they're gonna go up that hill, and we're gonna be hanging around here for two hours getting the cattle down from the hill.' "He goes, 'No, but the path's marked clearly.' 'It's a f**king cow! It's not gonna go around the corner like that. He said, 'OK let's see what happens.' "We did see what happened. Bang bang they stampeded and up the bloody mountain they went, and two hours later we're still twiddling our thumbs waiting for the cattle to come down from the top of the mountain."