Hollywood hellraiser Russell Crowe has slammed criticism of his parenting skills, after he was photographed grappling with his son CHARLES' pushchair.

The OSCAR-winner hit the headlines last year (04) when he admitted he was having problems building nursery equipment for his young tot, who was born in December 2003.

In an email to Australia's SYDNEY TELEGRAPH newspaper last week (ends21JAN05), Crowe said, "It isn't one of the world's finest achievements or anything but give me a break, I am an antipodean male who runs 698 head of cattle, I do know the business end of a screwdriver.

"The reality of the cot story that I told on the red carpet at the (MASTER AND COMMANDER) premiere was that one long screw was missing so I modified the cot with a pocket knife to counter sink a smaller screw to do the same job.

"We had just moved into the apartment and the pocket knife was the only tool I had available. This has been run through the bulls**t machine all over the world.

"It's not important but now they have added the standard humiliate the man with the pram bulls**t."

24/01/2005 13:56