Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell are said to be dating each other, after apparently enjoying one or two dates with each other around London. However, the two have already hit the first stumbling block in their blossoming relationship; their pets.
According to the Mirror, the two ran into their first bit of bother when Russell Brand 's cat Morrissey hissed and flashed his claws at Geri Halliwell 's dog Daddy when the two were introduced. A source has told the paper that the first step in establishing a relationship with Geri is that her two dogs must take a shine any potential love interest, and whilst the dogs were instantly taken with the bearded Brand, his cat had other ideas. The source said that, "He [Morrissey] eyeballed the hairy beasts the minute they trespassed into his territory, taking an instant dislike to them, especially Daddy."
The loved up twosome were forced to put the pets into separate rooms so that they would hopefully not come to blows. Geri and Russell met each other at the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics, during which the two were featured. They instantly took a liking to one another and reportedly bonded over their mutual love of yoga. They are said to have enjoyed dates on London's Hampstead Heath and Hampton Court Palace so far in their burgeoning relationship.