Georgina Bailie, the woman at the centre of the radio prank calls controversy, has said the matter has been blown "out of proportion".

Radio 2 presenters Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross left lewd voicemails on her grandfather's - veteran actor Andrew Sachs - answerphone, in which they joked about Brand having slept with Bailie.

The incident prompted 42,000 complaints, the resignation of Brand and Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas and Ross' suspension without pay for three months.

Bailie, a dancer with a burlesque troupe named the Satanic Sluts, had initially called for the pair to be sacked but has now claimed the affair has been exaggerated.

She told the Sun newspaper on October 29th - prior to the BBC taking action over the prank - that Brand and Ross should "pay for what they've done with their jobs".

But speaking to Five for a documentary to be screened on Wednesday night, she said: "I was really angry when I said I wanted them both to be fired, but I think the suspension was good enough."

The 23-year-old continued: "I think it's way out of proportion what's happened and I don't hate either of them - I don't at all.

"I think they're really talented comedians and I think a world without Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand would be a very sad, dull place."

Bailie said she believed Brand needed "to learn a few lessons about respecting women" and Ross should "maybe think before he speaks in the future".

"I don't have any harder feeling than that," she added.

The incident, broadcast on Brand's Radio 2 show on October 18th, has sparked comment in parliament and investigations by media watchdog Ofcom and the BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body.

05/11/2008 11:13:02