Russell Brand is thankful he can still be around people who drink.

The British comedian has abstained from drugs and alcohol since undergoing treatment for addiction seven years ago but is able to party in bars and clubs because he isn't tempted to undo all his good work.

He said: "Thank God I can be around people drinking otherwise I wouldn't be able to go out. I tend not to be around drugs too much. It's a bit pointless of you can't do it - no fun - but it doesn't spin me out. I would be anxious around heroin, but that doesn't happen very often."

Russell - who is engaged to singer Katy Perry - also admits not drinking or taking drugs has made him a lot more conscious of how he behaves towards other people.

He told Britain's Elle magazine: "I can't behave badly anymore - I'm too sensitive to guilt. If I complain about a hotel, I have to phone up the bloke after and say, 'I know I said some pretty bad things about the room, but I know you're trying your best and just keep it up, right. I'm sorry.'

"I've been in recovery for seven years and part of that recovery is to go on a bit of a journey of analysis of conduct. You can't carry it around. It's part of self-acceptance. I've done all that stuff and I'm here now and I'm nice to my mum."