Russell Brand's own embarrassing sexual encounters inspired his new movie.

The British comedian - who has previously battled heroin addiction - reprises his 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' role of troubled rocker Aldous Snow in forthcoming film 'Get Him To The Greek' and admits scriptwriters used many of his own experiences for incidents in the film.

He explained: "Because the character is, you know, a heroin addict, and I'm a recovering heroin addict... a really good friend of mine who used to make um, heroin for me, and he didn't ever want to, which is not nice, to buy heroin, and there's like scenes in this where I force someone - a reference from my own life.

"Once during a threesome I accidentally ejaculated onto a friend's leg, and that's being used in this. So yeah, there are direct references to my own life in this film. Flatteringly."

Because so many of his own experiences feature in the movie, Russell - who is engaged to Katy Perry - says it has made him rethink plans for a big screen version of his autobiography 'My Booky Wook'.

He told website "Nick Stoller's sort of stolen all the best bits. If they were to make a movie of my life now, it would be a drab, Warholian, sort of single-shot of me, sobbing in the basin. Which I'm keen to make. So I don't know if we'll do that anymore."

However, if the biopic goes ahead, Russell wants a woman to portray him - actress Natalie Portman.

He added: "Michael Winterbottom was interested in making it and I was of course flattered and thrilled at the idea of working with him, because he's brilliant, but I think now I've got too old to play myself. Of course I've been playing myself for so long, someone else should have a go, and I think Natalie Portman is the man for the job."