Russell Brand and Katy Perry lead an "ordinary" life together.

The British funnyman insists there is nothing unusual about his domestic life with the 'California Gurls' singer and says they love nothing more than settling down for an evening in front of the television.

Russell explained: "The thing that will surprise you is that aside from the superficial elements of celebrity, it's very, very normal. She's like a normal person, I'm like a normal person, so we just hang out, watch TV, hold hands, kiss each other. It's really ordinary."

The 'Get Him to the Greek' star is expected to marry Katy in India later this month but the comic claims he has no idea about their wedding plans.

He told US TV show 'Entertainment Tonight': "every day in my life is special, because soon we will cease to exist. You must relish the moment. I don't know the details because I'm a man.

"If someone wants to plan a wedding, it's going to be tricky - unless you are a professional wedding planner, in which case you are obliged to do it really well."