Russell Brand was fulfilling a "masculine obligation" to protect Katy Pretty from the paparazzi when he lashed out at them last month.

The British comedy actor - who met the singer at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2009 and proposed to her over the New Year period three months later - reveals he was doing his duty as a man when he hit out at photographers who she claims were trying to take shots up her skirt while at Los Angeles International Airport.

However, he is keen not to dwell on the subject as he has to attend court for charges of Simple Battery on October 15.

In an interview this morning with UK TV host Lorraine Kelly, he said: "I tried to fulfil my masculine obligation to protect the woman that I love, but it is subject to legal enquiries - I've got to go to court - so I probably have to be careful about what I say in case I land myself into a complicated legal quagmire."

The 35-year-old star also believes his fiancee is a "remarkable" person who he does find it difficult to "be in love with".

He said: "She's a challenging individual to be in love with, but I think that's no coincidence. She's a remarkable person and very engaging and interesting and intriguing. It's been very good for me - it's the most normal relationship I've ever had."

However, the 'Teenage Dream' singer may face competition for his affection from his 'Arthur' co-star Dame Helen Mirren, who he claims to be "enchanted" by.

He said: "She's so wonderful, what a wonderful human being. .I was already enchanted by her and have written about her in my book. But now my superficial attraction - which was based I think on sex - has now been compounded by something more compassionate and profound - a love for her as a woman."