Russell Brand is testing audience reaction to 'Get Him to the Greek' before becoming a movie star.

The British comedian - who plays the role of Rock Star Aldous Snow for the second time in the Nicholas Stoller-directed film - confesses this is his first "significant" role and he wants to take things slowly.

He said: "Say you're the best comic actors ever, right? Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams. All that is proper movie stars, it's not that they go, 'Oh and this week he's a French hunchback.'

"You want them to be doing stuff where you recognize them at first at least, you know? And this is my first significant part in a movie, first lead role. So let's see if this works, and then like 'Arthur' I think I'll stay within that pallet. I can act, you know? I went to drama school. I can pretend to have a different voice and different height, different head. All of these things are possible."

Discussing the upcoming 'Arthur' movie - in which he stars alongside fellow Brit Dame Helen Mirren - Russell confirms he is excited to begin starting shooting in July.

He told "I'm playing Arthur. I'm up for that. And that starts in July. I'm doing it with Helen Mirren. She's got an Oscar already, so she must be brilliant. That's the way I see it. So like that'll be good I think. So I'm doing that."

'Get Him to the Greek' is released in the US on June 4 and the UK on June 25.