Russell Brand would shave his head to play Sir Winston Churchill in a film alongside wife Katy Perry.

The 'Arthur' star - who famously sports long, dark locks - would be open to starring in a movie as the bald former war-time British Prime Minister, as long as his 'Firework' singer spouse was also included.

Speaking at the European premiere of 'Arthur', held at Cineworld at London's O2, Russell admitted he'd shave his head if the right part came along, telling BANG Showbiz: "Depends who I'm playing... Winston Churchill? Alright! Me and Katy as Churchill and Churchill's bodyguard. I'm up for it!"

As well as playing the late Churchill, the comedian, who has written two autobiographies, 'My Booky Wook' and sequel 'Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal' - covering his battle with drugs and alcohol and notorious womanising before he met Katy - would like to see a film made of his life, but had some unusual choices as to who should play him.

He said: "I'd love for a film to be made of my life. I'd have either Harry Potter [Daniel Radcliffe] or Natalie Portman playing me."

Russell, 35, also said he as "immensely proud" of 'Arthur' - about a Playboy billionaire who stands to lose his inheritance if he marries a girl his family don't approve of - and feels it is as fun as inhaling "paint fumes"

He added: "I'm immensely proud of it, it's really funny and rather romantic. What a better way to spend 90 minutes, except perhaps in some peculiar stupor induced by paint fumes.

"I'd either watch 'Arthur' or inhale paint deeply. Or inhale paint deeply then watch 'Arthur'. Or don't inhale paint it's dangerous."

'Arthur' is in UK cinemas from April 22.