Russell Brand thinks heroin would save the music industry.

The British comedy actor claims heavy drug use could help the world avoid the "awful music" teen stars such as Justin Bieber are releasing.

Russell - who has overcome heroin addiction - told Rolling Stone magazine: "The top of the hit parade would look very different if teenyboppers were exposed to heroin.

"It would weed a lot of them out. I don't think Justin Bieber could handle SYD BARRETT from Pink Floyd's habit.

"A lot of people in their journey to rehab overdose, and then, perhaps, we could be spared their awful music. It's Darwinian. It's the law of natural selection."

His suggestion could upset fiancee Katy Perry, who has previously professed a love for 16-year-old Justin.

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer recently admitted she wanted to adopt the 'Baby' hitmaker.

Writing to Russell on her twitter page, Katy posted a picture of Justin and said: "Hey... I know we're getting hitched + all but I was wondering if u'd be open 2 the idea of adopting 1st? I have an idea. Whata bout this cute lil one? I'm sure he could use a great home!!! (sic)"