Russell Brand had to have his ear drained after picking up an injury during his jiu jitsu class.

The 42-year-old actor was left with a cauliflower ear following a tough session of the marital art, and he filmed the fixing process for ''entertainment'' value and to look back at the procedure, after which he had to have the organ compressed and was given an ''embarrassing'' white headdress.

In the two-minute clip, which he uploaded on his Twitter account, he said: ''Russell Brand here, as you know I'm a jiu jitsu expert.

''Part of the reason for filming it, I'm sure it will make great entertainment, but also I'm keen to see it come out.''

Russell then lay on his back as his doctor pushed the syringe into his cauliflower ear and drained out 1.5mms of fluid, making it go ''down like a balloon''.

During the process, he said: ''Oh it's in ... oh my God.''

After the short draining treatment, Russell asked the doctor to show him the filled syringe.

Looking up at the liquid, he said: ''Oh my God, that's all come out of there. That's amazing isn't it?

''So now it's a matter of compressing that.

''God, it's really been effective.''

Russell took to his Instagram account to show off his white headdress, and tagged in his trainer, Chris Cleere.

He added the caption: ''@chriscleere post jiu jitsu (sic)''

Chris also took to his Instagram account to post a selfie with Russell, who was seen pointing at his ear pre-treatment.

He wrote: ''Russell Brand and the start of his newly acquired cauliflower ear!! Training hard and getting in some quality mat time (sic)''