There were a few slightly awkward laughs as Russell Brand hurled the iPhone of a paparazzo through a window back in March, after being harassed by them, before the whole thing was seemingly forgotten about. Not so though as it would turn out, and Tmz is now reporting that the British comic will be facing prosecution for the incident.
The Orleans Parish District Attorney's office is going to go forward and charge the actor with one charge of misdemeanour criminal damage to property. The initial police report was filed back on March 12th, with Brand eventually turning himself into the police three days later on March 15th. Speaking at the time about the incident, he commented "Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory."
Brand was clearly readying himself for this day, and has already hired a high-powered New Orelans attorney to fight any possible charges. Somewhat worryingly for the Brit, he faces six months in jail if found guilty, although we all know the likelihood of that happening. The episode marks a dip in Brand's fortunes after he'd seemed to be back on the upward ascension since his split from ex-wife Katy Perry, indulging in several public displays of affection with new other half Isabella Brewster.