Russell Brand is teaching tantric meditation at his yoga studio in West Hollywood.

The 38-year-old comedian, along with Demi Moore, is one of a few students who is leading the lessons after taking master classes on the exercise which helps release past karmas and toxic emotions, aiding people to have a more enjoyable life.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''The studio that Russell attends has some very advanced classes.

''He's now at the stage that he is so experienced in certain areas that he can lead the exercises.''

Classes, which can cater for up to 40 people, can sometimes have intense sessions which last for seven hours with few breaks, often helping to transform sexual energy into ecstasy without actually having sex.

The famous lothario - who was married to Katy Perry for 14 months until December 2011 - has met a number of girls through his Los Angeles yoga classes, including Jordana Brewster's sister Isabella and Mexican artist Oriela Medellin.