British comic Russell Brand is set to write a book on his controversial political views.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, who admitted last year (13) that he has never voted in a U.K. general election, will tackle topics including ecology, inequality, the recession and his mistrust of politicians in the new tome.

The deal with Century publishers comes after Brand called on Brits to revolt against the current political system in his homeland.

He says of his latest project, "People keep asking me how 'The Revolution will work? We all want to bring down the government and establish a personal and global utopia but how?' They ask. Well in this book, I'm going to explain it. Having accrued the greatest wisdom known to man (by conducting interviews, watching Dvds, reading books, thinking and looking at the sky) I am now able to put in a simple, accessible book... the solution to internal and external turmoil. And about time too."

The book will be released in October (14). He has previously penned two memoirs.