Russell Brand is laughing off his Kids' Choice Awards slime-attack on Saturday (02Apr11), insisting the unplanned messy mishap was just what happens when Johnny Depp showers hyped-up kids with goo.
The British comic appeared to be keen to exit the stage at the Galen Center in Los Angeles after he and co-presenter Rico Rodriguez came under attack from slime-drenched kids in the first few rows.
But he was laughing off the incident on Monday night (04Apr11) when he appeared on late-night U.S. show Conan.
Brand said, "I don't think it went very well... I went out there... but just before I'd been on, Johnny Depp had been out there (with a) hosepipe, sloshing up all the kids in the audience with green slime... (He) smothered them with it.
"They're children; you can't say to children, 'Right, well behave in a thoroughly responsible manner...' They're lunatics. So when me and Manny (Rodriguez's character in Modern Family) came out there, like, one child threw a little bit of slime... (and then) all the kids got together and did a coup d'etat of diss-lime. Slime just was flying from all angles... We were smothered from head to foot in slime. I've been in situations like that in the past, but never on a kids' show.
"I tried to protect the kid... More and more slime kept coming. They'd got all zooped up because they're probably high on sweets and candy."