Russell Brand has swapped partying for all night yoga sessions.

The former heroin addict - who this year celebrates 10 years since he successfully completed rehab treatment - recently went to his local yoga studio at 2am for a marathon five-hour session.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Forget wild partying or all-night bonking, Russell went on solo yoga enlightenment.

''He turned up alone at his local yoga studio at 2am, let himself in and meditated until 7am.''

Perhaps Russell likes to meditate alone as it was recently claimed his love life is ''the talk of his yoga class''.

He met a number of his former lovers at the class including Jordana Brewster's sister Isabella and Mexican artist Oriela Medellin and the British comedian was spotted kissing a pretty brunette as he left the studio in Los Angeles last month.

A source said: ''Russell arrived at yoga with his new girl and they shared a big kiss in his car after the class.

''His antics are the talk of his yoga class.

''He was spotted with a girl after his lesson last week too. He had just left the class and was all over her in a nearby café.''