Russell Brand misses British swear words.

The 37-year-old comic - who was previously married to Katy Perry - now lives in America and claims the different curses used by the countries make him feel homesick.

He said: ''What I miss most about the UK is my mum and West Ham United and the words 'w**ker', 'b******s', 'b***er' and 'lorry. Often those words would be used in one sentence - 'B***er off out of my lorry you w**ker, I don't want to see your b******s' is what a bread delivery driver said to me the last time I was in London.''

The 'Arthur' star also credited his friends for keeping him grounded because they aren't afraid to tell him when he's being ''a d**khead''.

He added: ''I like that, when some days you feel a bit confident in yourself, it's nice to have friends remind you that you're a bit of a d**khead.

''Someone tweeted and said, 'Thanks Russell, you're so inspiring' and I said, 'Yeah, I'm a modern-day Jesus' so Noel [Gallagher] said, 'I can't wait for the modern-day crucifixion'.''