Russell Brand has made a made a New Year's resolution to stop ''eating chocolate''.

The 43-year-old comedian has revealed to his 11.7 million followers on Twitter that he has made two new rules to abide by for 2019's new year, and they include not reading any reviews about himself to avoid any negative comments, and the second is to ''not eat so much food''.

Russell tweeted: ''January is a time for resolutions isn't it? Veganuary, Dry January, So, guess what I've stopped doing? I started this a few weeks before, around the winter solstice actually - I tried to be in tune with that energy - and I've not been eating any chocolate. I think I might have lost some weight.

''I tell you I read this review somewhere, so there's two things that have changed as a result of that review: One, don't read reviews, two, don't eat so much food. They described me as rotund. Rotund! Like how could I be rotund, I'm not designed for rotundness, look at me. Anyway I have to thank that person because they've inspired me.''

Brand has also become a keen baker since moving to the countryside with his wife Laura and their two daughters but he's also to stop eating the fruits of his labour to stay in shape.

He added: ''And I'm going to stop eating so much cake!' It's because I've learnt how to bake cakes. I've turned into a maniac - I keep baking all these bloody cakes!''

As well as his chocolate abstinence, the 'Arthur' star has also vowed to stop reading reviews about his stand-up shows and is recommitting to his previous vow to not watch internet porn.

Stating his self-imposed review reading ban, he said: ''Say if something offends you, is there anything in that offence that's any use to me? And then I thought, 'Yeah there is, don't look at reviews.' ''