Russell Brand's marriage to Katy Perry is "ordinary".

The British comedian insists the pair - who married in October 2010 after dating for just a year - are no different from any other couple and argue about simple things.

He said: "It's nice to be married to Katy Perry but you'd be surprised how ordinary the marriage is.

"The other day I was wearing a shirt and she said, 'Are you wearing that shirt out?' And it was not a proper question, it was like she meant, 'Get it off'. And I had to take it off."

However, despite their petty arguments, the former womaniser - who has a history of drug addiction - insists he loves the "normality" of their squabbles and wouldn't swap his marriage to return to his single days.

He explained while hosting US TV show 'Saturday Night Live' at the weekend: "The other day she lent my car to her brother without asking and I was going to get angry but then I thought that's such a lovely normal problem to have; My wife lent my car to her brother.

"When I think of the problems I used to have which were much more like, 'Russell, The Police are at the door - flush the drugs down the toilet, they've got sniffer dogs with them!' "

Meanwhile, Katy, 26, treated fans to their first look at footage from her nuptials during her performance at the Grammy Awards last night (13.02.11).

The singer - who was nominated for four awards but left with none - projected pictures of their wedding ceremony in India on to a huge dress which flowed from a swing she was seated upon as she performed 'Not Like the Movies'.

Katy was accompanied to the ceremony by Russell, 35, and her grandmother, Ann Hudson.

She joked beforehand: "If I don't go home with any Grammys, I still go home with my Grammy".