Russell Brand has compared kissing Jennifer Garner to eating a delicious piece of cake.

The British comedian - who married pop star Katy Perry last October - recently filmed romantic scenes with the US actress for film 'Arthur' and joked her husband Ben Affleck should be jealous.

He said: "She's like a fairy princess. There's a brand of red-velvet cake, her mouth is made of that. She smashes you in the mouth in those kissing scenes. If I was Ben Affleck, man, I'd be p****d off."

In the film, Russell, 35, plays the titular Playboy, who is engaged to Jennifer's character, Susan, but falls for other women, including Linda, played by Greta Gerwig.

Of the upcoming star, he said: "She's delightful and beautiful and funny and smart and the kind of woman you'd give up a billion dollars for."

He also has a tryst with an older woman, played by Dame Helen Mirren - and reformed womaniser Russell loved the fact the actress shares his saucy sense of humour.

Of their bed-based scene - which did not feature any kissing - the funnyman told website "I was in bed with her and she was reading me one of those bedtime stories.

"And she did a dirty version of it. She was like, 'Toad took Frog and mounted him from behind and amounted him smoothly with a rhythmic pace.' "

Russell and Helen previously worked together on an adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' and the 65-year-old British actress recently revealed her co-star gave her an unusual gift when they finished filming.

She said: "I am the proud owner of a pair of Russell's yellow underpants. Slightly soiled I might add. But he is an inventive and imaginative and immensely energetic person, but he's not wild and anarchic and out of control, not at all."