Russell Brand says that he and ex-wife Katy Perry practiced ''wheelchair porn'' during their marriage.

The comedian joked that the singer spent most of their time together in a chair used to aid people who have genuine trouble with walking.

He joked in a radio interview with Howard Stern: ''She was very willing to do wheelchair porn. That woman spent 90 per cent of our marriage in a little electric wheelchair.''

Russell admitted that his sexual tastes have become tamer in recent years.

He said: ''I don't want porn anymore. There is no market for it in my life. I've got no kind of weird predilections especially.''

During the same interview, the Brand X host confirmed that he is dating Isabella Brewster.

Brand also described Perry's single 'Wide Awake', which is thought to deal with the breakdown of his and Perry's marriage, as a ''nice song''.

The star recently applied for a license to officiate at marriages in the United States.

Apparently he stumbled across a website offering the qualification during an afternoon surfing the internet.

A source said: ''Russell is genuinely interested in the idea of marrying a couple.

''Now he's getting matey with Tom Cruise, his pals have been joking that he could do the honors at the star's fourth wedding.''