Russell Brand's ''exhausting'' life as a father-of-two has turned him grey.

The 43-year-old comedian and his wife Laura Gallacher welcomed their second child - whose name is not yet known - into the world earlier this year and, although he's enjoying raising his two girls, he has joked that the pressure of having two under two has been stressful and turned his dark 'do a lighter shade.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday (07.09.18), Russell - who also has 21-month-old daughter Mabel with Laura - said: ''A lot of this greyness is being applied retrospectively, though some of it is as a result of having two daughters so it's a combination. Do you know what, it's bliss? Exhausting bliss. Shattering bliss. Knackering, beautiful, glorious bliss. Help me!''

The couple live in the English countryside with their two children and Russell has admitted he has found ''peace and serenity'' since having a family.

When asked if parenthood had changed him, he replied: ''Yes. I think it's inevitable that it changes you. You can be changed by a yogurt. So parenthood ... I've got so much peace and serenity in my domestic life that I don't have the same sort of buccaneer attitude.''

Russell - who was previously wed to pop superstar Katy Perry - couldn't be happier with the quiet lifestyle he leads these days - even if being a family man is more tiring than going out partying.

He said: ''I feel happier living with a person, having to pick up dog poo and change nappies than I ever did being involved in more decadent activity.

''It's tiring picking up poo and being more ordinary and real, but it's a relief. It feels connected and purposeful.''