Russell Brand feels "privileged" to have overcome his addictions.

The 'Arthur' actor is proud he has managed to beat his problems with substance abuse and sex addiction and has settled down with his pop star wife Katy Perry and launched a successful movie career.

The 35-year-old star - who was addicted to heroin - said: "I've been sober for eight years now. It's a great privilege and I'm overcome with gratitude right now.

"Katy just sent me a photo of herself with Frank McAvennie, he was my favourite footballer when I was younger, and I thought, 'Wow, my wife's a pop star, she's meeting Frank McAvennie', he was a womanising bad boy, and I'm in 'Arthur', it's crazy.

"I've been clean for eight years, nine years ago I was a junkie but I feel overcome with gratitude right now."

Katy and Russell are currently spending a lot of time apart because of their work commitments and the British funnyman has jokingly claimed they have started using telepathy to communicate.

He told E! News: "We use telepathy - I've learned this technique where I can beam thought into people's minds."

While he is away from Katy, Russell relies on other people to help style him for events.

Asked how he chooses outfits for the red carpet, he said: "People help, there's a grown up who knows about fashion, otherwise I'd end up here in my pyjamas."