Russell Brand has injured his foot kickboxing.

The 37-year-old comedian revealed that the special equipment used while taking part in the sporting session resulted in him getting hurt recently.

He said: ''What happened was this foot here has become hurt from what I can only describe as kicky boxing. I call it kicky boxing. Kickboxing sounds so aggressive. I've been doing, like, kickboxing.

''But it's not like I kicked someone so hard that a bit of my foot fell off. It's that there was abrasiveness caused by the foot pad. It's essentially a rug burn.''

As a result the star has been walking around the street with no shoes on to help deal with the fragile area.

He commented on general footwear: ''I mean, shoes are, in themselves, an oddity and addition.''

Russell isn't new to the type of exercise which infuses fighting moves and was spotted working out with a personal instructor in 2010.

He was believed to have taken up the practice to prepare for his wedding to ex-wife Katy Perry.

His divorce to the 'Firework' singer was recently finalised after he filed for a legal separation in December last year.