Russell Brand will go to court to fight a $550,000 lawsuit.

The 37-year-old comedian will head to court next May to take on Los Angeles security guard Victor Sneed, who is suing the 'Rock of Ages' hitmaker for $185,000 in damages after alleging he ran him over in his Range Rover last year.

Russell - who was first sued for $25,000 by Victor in 2012 - has strongly denied the claims, but if he loses then legal fees could triple the $185,000 sum.

The 'Get Him to the Greek' star - who only passed his driving test two years ago - claims Victor was the ''cause of the accident and any injuries he sustained'', and blamed Victor for his ''own negligence'', according to court papers.

Lawyers will now spend the next 12 months gathering evidence on the incident, which occurred outside a chemist.

Victor claims his huge medical bill needs to be paid for injuries to his left hand, left arm, left hip, neck and left wrist.

He claims he has already forked out $45,000 in medical expenses and requires another $140,000 for future surgeries.

Last month, Russell got a traffic ticket in the US after turning the wrong way out of a car park.