Russell Brand feels ''more relaxed'' around ''junkies''.

The 42-year-old actor has openly admitted to battling with substance abuse in the past, and though the star has been sober since 2002, he still feels more at ease around the ''scum of the earth'' and drug addicts than he does around ''glamorous'' people.

Speaking at the Esquire Townhouse in partnership with Dior in London on Sunday night (15.10.17), Russell - who has 11-month-old daughter Mabel with his wife Laura Gallacher - said: ''I'm more relaxed around junkies and the scum of the earth than I am most people - anything too glamorous and I start getting a bit insecure.''

Though Russell has not touched the opioid drug for years, he still vividly remembers a time when he took heroin with a ''very famous musician'', who has remained unnamed.

He recalled: ''I found myself in a situation with a very famous musician - and I found myself cooking up, sitting there with that spoon and that stayed with me for a while after.''

The 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' star has admitted he has had a lot of ''pivotal moments and low points'' throughout his career, he has hinted his ''last year'' of using heroin was a particularly bad time in his life because he was arrested ''a lot''.

He said: ''Pivotal points and low points come quite easy to me. I was always getting into trouble with the police and medical problems. Within my last year of heroin use, I was getting arrested a lot.''

Meanwhile, Russell - who portrayed rocker Aldous Snow in 'Get Him To The Greek' - has admitted his life was ''ransacked'' by producer Judd Apatow when he filmed the comedy and he found some scenes quite tough because he had to take ''fake'' cocaine.

Speaking about the film-making process, he said: ''Yes it was I was very lucky to work with Judd Apatow and they ransacked my life - I told them all about my life and my childhood. Sometimes it was a bit weird - I remember doing it quite a lot of fake coke which was a bit triggering.''