Russell Brand worries about losing his wedding ring.

The British comic married singer Katy Perry in India in October and claims wearing the symbolic jewellery could lead to more problems than the marriage itself.

He said: "It's weird to wear a wedding ring because when I wash my hands, I'm scared I'll leave it by the sink.

"So basically the wearing of The Ring is fraught with potential pitfalls, if not the marriage it signifies."

The 'Get Him to the Greek' actor also spoke of what attracted him to Katy, admitting it was her combination of strength and gentleness.

He said: "I knew moments after meeting her that I wanted to marry her.

"I think the time was right and I was ready to live in a different way. And Katy's very strong and wilful but gentle too.

"I'm just living out every day - and I'm so happy to have met someone like her."