Russell Brand is worried that his daughter will grow up and ''date someone'' like him.

The 41-year-old British comedian, who is a reformed drug abuser and sex addict, has two-month-old Mabel with his fiancée Laura Gallacher and he has already started contemplating the nightmare of his little girl going out with boys when she gets old and he's hoping she avoids a lothario like him.

Russell, whose upcoming comedy tour 'Re:Birth' will cover parenting, said: ''What am I going to tell my daughter about conformity and responsibility? What happens if she grows up to be like me or, worse, date someone like me?''

He also questioned: ''How do we make sense of the madness of our lives once we become parents?''

Russell has made no secret of how he feels about fatherhood, in a previous interview he gushed: ''It's the most wonderful thing. To have something outside of yourself that's more important than you. Other than West Ham United.''

Asked if having a child changed his perception on the world, he added: ''Do you know, in some ways I do. That's a good observation. It's a wonderful experience being a dad!''

Even before Mabel arrived back in November, Russell showed his excitement.

He shared: ''I feel lit up by the idea. I'm very excited about becoming a dad and I'm preparing myself. I am just getting ready to be with a new little person and see what it is they want. [Laura is] decorating the nursery. Around domestic issues, my vote is often secondary ... Or the vote of my gender at least, so I will just wait to see what is determined.''

Russell also confessed to reading parenting books every week.

He said: ''I read a different book every week and I read one on preparation for fatherhood to mentally prepare me for it. I don't know that it has prepared me for it.

''I've painted the room, I've done the things that you're supposed to do, I've accepted the idea that that person will be more important than me, 'Jesus Three' I'm thinking of calling him or her, we don't know the gender. I may not even ever impose a gender upon it, let the child grow up and be the whatever the hell it is, never tell it there is such a concept.''

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