Russell Brand evidently hasn't got over his failed marriage to Katy Perry quite as well as it would appear in public. Reports have surfaced that he turned on a heckler at a recent show in the Usa with quite some venom, after the punter had yelled out the name of his former wife.
"This guy randomly yelled out 'Katy Perry', and at first, Russell didn't make much of it. But he did it again and Russell actually climbed down off the stage, made the crew turn the house lights up and told the audience to point the guy out," a source told Life & Style Magazine, reported by The Press Association. They also, meanwhile, reported that an in-audience video captured the whole moment, with Brand letting rip "I want to see what this person looks like, turn the lights on for me because I really want to achieve some sort of confirmation. Let's see how your mental illness looks in the daylight. I was hoping that your personality was just a result of physical beauty. But then I saw you. I thought, 'This guy's confident, probably, because he's incredibly handsome,' but look at you. You look like somebody who's fallen off the outside of a church."
Continuing his tirade, he added "And what is it that you have rattling around your mind, some bizarre combination of alcohol and idiocy... some cocktail of nothing. And yet the confidence to continue shouting. I know on some level, despite your physical appearance to an ape, that you're a human being. I think silence is your friend. I think keep your lips firmly, firmly clamped together. Because everything that comes out of your mouth, from your idiotic announcements to your disgusting halitosis that's coming through this room, is an abomination." Ouch, things ok Russ?