Russell Brand insists he didn't injure a man who claims he hit him with his car.

The British comedian - who is being sued for $25,000 by Victor Sneed for allegedly driving into him last October in Los Angeles - has now fired back at the claims, blaming Victor's own ''negligence'' for any injuries he may have suffered.

A court document reads: ''Under the provisions of the California Code of Civil Procedure, [Russell Brand] denies both generally and specially each, every and all of the allegations contained in the Complaint, and denies that plaintiff [Victor Sneed] sustained damages in the sum alleged, or in any other sum or at all.

''Plaintiff is barred from any recovery on the basis that the plaintiff's own negligence was the sole and proximate cause of the accident and injuries he sustained.''

Victor has been seeking money to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other damages and stated that Russell was driving ''negligently'' during the time of the incident.

Russell was also in court last year when he was given 20 hours of community service and ordered to pay $500 after throwing a photographer's phone in March.

His response, however, was more positive than expected - describing it as an ''honour'' to repent for his crimes.

He said: ''I don't know what their format of community service is, but community service, that doesn't seem like a punishment. That seems like a duty.

''We are our community. Service is an honour. I'll be happy to do it.''