British actor/comedian Russell Brand has come under fire for mocking the star of a U.K. Tv advert who died just weeks after the commercial aired.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star made a series of jokes about Sam Wright, the star of a commercial for Barclays bank, in a video message posted online as part of his The Trews series on

The advert shows Wright, 75, learning about online banking, and in his clip, Brand suggests he is actually looking at online pornography and "investing in drones to bomb dispossessed people in the Middle East". Brand also mocks his regional accent.

Wright suffered a stroke and died five weeks after the advert first aired in the U.K. and his relatives have now criticised Brand for making jokes in their time of grief.

His son Stephen tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "We loved that video (the banking advert) and dad was so proud of it. We are disgusted by Brand - he's caused so much upset to my family... When I saw Brand's show I felt sick. It was so insensitive. I don't think he knows how much hurt he has caused us."

Brand had yet to comment on the controversy as Wenn went to press.