British comedian Russell Brand has thrown his support behind the campaign for Scottish Independence just a day after hundreds of celebrities launched a major drive to keep the country in the United Kingdom.

The funnyman addressed the hotly-debated topic in a video posted on his channel, telling fans he believes "more power for the (Scottish) people" is a good thing.

He says, "Independence for Scotland. I like things getting smaller and more evolved. More power for the people. The (politicians) ... don't trust them. They'll be no good. They'll be useless.

"But Scotland getting independence is a good idea, breaking everything up so there's nothing but small collectives. Don't have imaginary concepts that make people angry. If Scotland and England make people angry, then abandon these concepts."

On Thursday (07Aug14), campaigners unveiled a letter against Scotland's independence featuring the signatures of more than 200 stars including Michael Douglas, Sir Mick Jagger and Dame Judi Dench.

The note is set to tour the other countries of the U.K., England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so members of the public can add their names.

Scots go to the polls next month (Sep14) for a referendum to decide whether the country should leave the U.K.