Russell Brand was surprised on stage by a man baring his tattooed penis.

The comedian-and-actor is currently in Melbourne, Australia, for the latest show of his 'I Am A Walrus' tour and was surprised when he got ambushed by a reveller who seemed keen to show him his inked manhood.

He tweeted: ''Melbourne! When a show begins with a drunk gently assaulting you with his tattooed penis you know you're in for a good gig. #IAmAWalrus (sic)''

The 'Arthur' star was performing at the Rod Laver Arena, and had earlier sent a message saying how much he was looking forward to the show.

He wrote: ''I'm in Melbourne. Where do I go? What do I do? Who will love me?

''Tonight at Rod Laver Cathedral, through our mingling oestrogen and testosterone, we'll awaken the drowsy gods in our knickers. #IAmAWalrus (sic)''

Russell, 37, is no stranger to dealing with hecklers and exuberant fans when he is on stage .

Earlier this year, he interrupted a show to address a 22-year-old audience member in Atlantic City, New Jersey, after he had interrupted him with jokes and comments about his ex-wife Katy Perry.

Russell said: ''I was hoping that your personality was as a result of physical beauty, then I saw you.

''I thought this guy's confident probably because he's incredibly handsome, but look at you. You look like someone that's fallen off the outside of a church.

''And what is it that you have rattling inside of your mind? Some bizarre combination of alcohol and idiocy. And yet the confidence to continue shouting.''