P. Diddy is going to surprise people in 'Get Him to the Greek'.

The music mogul appears in the movie alongside British funnyman Russell Brand, and fellow co-star Jonah Hill thinks the star - real name Sean Combs - will impress viewers with his comic talent.

He said: "I think Diddy's going to really shock people. Every time he breathes in the movie, it garners a huge laugh."

The film is a follow-up to 2008 comedy 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', and sees Diddy play the role of eccentric record label boss Sergio Roma, something which Jonah thinks proves he is able to laugh at himself.

He told MTV.com: "There are certain points where he gets a round of applause of just shock that he's so funny in the movie.

"His image is so serious and rapper and mogul kind of guy, I think he was really brave in deconstructing his image for this movie."

The rapper has previously played acted in a number of movies and TV shows, including 'Monster's Ball' in 2001 and 'CSI: Miami' in 2009.

'Get Me to the Greek' - which tells the tale of a college graduate who becomes an intern at a record company - is released in the US on June 24.